Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moodies by Nubar

Well fancy meeting you here! :P

Today I have some really fun Nubars to share! Nubar is a brand that I've yet to become really familiar with. Other than 2010, these are the only ones I own. Not sure why.... LOL! I knew there were so many great polishes they used to make and discontinued with their old bottle shape. There are the Shocks and Spells, (I. Need. ALL. The. Shocks. Kaz has some great swatches!) I knew there were Moodies floating around as well, but had never seen these old shapes floating around out there on eBay or elsewhere. I found these on a blog sale. (Although they are sold on this site I just found out.) If I weren't on an official low-buy they would have been bought by now. 

Now these don't have names, so I'm just calling them Copper Moodie and Mauve Moodie. Just like the older China Glaze mood polishes, I think with age the mood changing just isn't popping anymore. Ah well, still vintage Nubar and awesome. First up we have Copper Moodie. When I first saw this metallic lovely I knew I would love it and I was right! Copper shimmer in a deep red/copper base is a beautiful thing. Three coats.

Next up we have Mauve Moodie. I was hesitant to order this only with Copper Moodie, but ultimately I knew I would regret it and pulled the trigger. A pale mauve/pink and slightly frosty polish, Mauve Moodie, is a classy and pretty polish and I actually really love it! This is two coats.

Anyone else own any vintage Nubars?


  1. i've never heard of these before. Very interesting find xx

  2. I only have 4 Nubar ( newer types) but the formula is amazing! Love that first colour!