Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Spooky Bones Company- Strange Polish - 7 of 9


Today is day two of The Spooky Bones Company's Star Trek polishes that I purchased. Star Trek: Voyager is hands down, bar-none my favorite Star Trek EVER! Seven of Nine is a charactor on the show that was born human, assimilated by and raised by the Borg until she was freed and joined the crew of Voyager. She's sexy and hilarious in my opinion. Do the damn thing, Jeri Ryan.  

Image credit : Sheryl's Star Trek Site

Onto the polish! 7 of 9 is an amazingly beautiful pain-in-my-butt polish. I think I need one more go with the polish to get it 100% right. Anyhoo, the bottle brush is really long and glops of polish keep creeping onto the nail. The base of the polish is a really gorgeous iridescent pearl shimmer. Added is micro-fine and small holo glitter, blue and white moons, and black, blue, and green stars. The moons and stars were hard to lay down so they just kind of stuck up. I say who cares when it looks so nice? It does glow it the dark but alas, I couldn't capture it in pictures. Two coats over two coats Revlon Dreamer.

Fun, right?
Anyone else a Trekie? :)


  1. Oh i love her! She was my fav character in the series by far. Cute polish too :)

  2. I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned your love of vintage polishes and your blog in mine today.

    1. I don't mind one bit, I appreciate the shout out very much! Just commented on your post <3

  3. I like the polish. But I didn't like that character. I felt that when they added Seven she became too much of the focus of the show. It seemed that other characters took a back seat.