Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Polish Sage - Winchester Collection - Sam's Soul

Hello ladies!

I keep it no secret how big of a Supernatural fan I am, so any polish based on the show is a must to me! (Can you believe  the season finale?! OMG!) 
Today I have yet another indie Etsy polish to share, from The Polish Sage. She offers I believe a total of eight polishes in the Winchester collection, although some are sold out as of now. She also has an extensive Harry Potter collection - check it out! Today I have Sam's Soul from the Winchester collection, a fantastic white shimmer polish with blue undertones. What really makes this polish special is that is dries quickly to a satin finish! This is two smooth coats with no topcoat. Does Sam's Soul justice! :P

What do ya think, girls?


  1. There are a set books by Kat Richardson called the Greywalker series. This looks like what the lead character says she sees when walking the Grey. Awesome.

    1. O_O thanks girl I'm going to have to check it out!! :)