Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A few BYS Metallics

Hi there!

Today I have more polishes to share from first swap with the lovely Lauren, my first BYS polishes! She was able to hunt me down two on my BYS wishlist, I had been eyeballing a few from their Metallics line. Thanks once again, you wonderful polish fairy! I enjoyed BYS's formula, but they were rather stinky. Not Kleancolor stinky, but stinky non the less. They're so awesome though, so who cares. :) First up I have Emerald, a medium greem polish jam-packed with matching green shimmer. My inner green polish addict is grinning from ear to ear. Two coats.

Next up I have Blue Sapphire. Be still my beating heart. I mean WOWZA! Blue Sapphire freaking GLOWS! A vibrant blue with matching blue shimmer. Tops my favorite blues list for sure. I love both of these from BYS's Metallics line, but they're more glowing shimmery polishes then what I concider to to metallic polishes. Hmmm. I'm happy as a clam though! :P Great polishes!

Do you own any BYS polishes?


  1. Blue Sapphire is AMAZING!!!! Love that shimmer.

  2. WOW! That's pretty much all there is to say to it! :)

  3. They are so pretty! I would never have thought that's how good they could look. Now I have to go and get Blue Sapphire and I don't even like blue on me that much! The green looks fab on you! Can you come and paint my nails like that please?

    1. Thanks love, it's all thanks to you tho!!!! I after that you need Blue Sapphire, it's amazing!!! Lol yes I'll be right over!:P