Friday, May 18, 2012

Old and New - Revlon TangyZing & Wild N Wild Eggplant Frost

What's up, ladies!

Today I have yet another Old and New post, and I'm starting it off right! First up I have one of my beloved Revlon Zing's, thanks to the wonderful Esther. I adore and cherish each and every one of my Zings, and TangyZing is one of my faves! TangyZing flashes from a rosy pink to a gold duochrome, giving it such an amazing rose-gold effect. LOVE LOVE LOVE! *swoons* I love me some good old vintage duochromes and I love how well this translates to the nail. Two coats.

Next up for the new section I have a good old 99 cents Wet N Wild to share, Eggplant Frost. I'm not going to lie, I have about a dozen (or so) red based purple polishes with blue shimmer. They make me weak in the knees and I can't help buying each and every one I see. It truly glows from within. Oh my goodness, does it GLOW. Take a look for yourself. :P Two coats. 

Have a fun rest of your day!


  1. Amazing swatches! You really captured the awesome shift in TangyZing. And I really need to give Eggplant Frost another look!

    1. Thanks, Kaz! I love the color shift on this one do much! Eggplant frost has been in my stash for almost 3 years lol! Now I'm not sure why!