Thursday, May 10, 2012

VHTF - Essie Viva La Vespa

Hey ladies!

I have an exciting post for you all today! I have a VVVHTF polish to share - one I was fairly sure I would never see in person.... that is until I came across a blog sale and my little fingers flew into action and this bad boy was mine! Viva La Vespa was a polish I didn't know much about when I was a nail newbie. Back when I went to my first nail meet-up, Krista and Jacqui each found themselves a bottle and I was like "woooooa what is THAT?!" Now that I'm an older newbie (that makes sense, right? LOL!)I wish I'd known then what I know now! I have countless purple polishes with blue shimmer, but what sets this apart is it's a pink/purple base rather than a red base. I now know what all the hype was about! It just glows! I'm lucky to have this beauty in my stash. Three thin coats of true love. 

Do any of you drool over Viva La Vepsa?


  1. sometimes i look at a polish and decide i really don't need it. then i see a swatch from someone like you and just can't live without it!!!!! viva la vespa is seriously gorgeous!

  2. Damn Dana! This looks so amazing on you!

  3. And just like that, this polish got added to my wishlist. Hot damn!

    1. It happens do quickly lol! Always growing & never ending :P

  4. This is gorgeous! One day I'm going to find this one dusty hunting