Friday, August 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms In Blush Diamond

Feels good to be baaaack!
Decided to take my Friday night and do whatever I want since the fiance is working. So I ate Chipotle, swatched my butt off, and am going to curl up with a good book. *kicks feet up followed by deep, relaxed breath*

I acquired this AMAZING HOLO from my friend Heather. She gave it to me under the STRICT stipulation that I give her a shout out on my blog. So here it is - HEATHER I LOVE YOU TO PIECES THIS POLISH IS GORGEOUS!

I've seen The Sally Hansen Nail Prisms throw-back polishes on Amazon and I'm sure they're on Ebay, but Heather held on to this beauty all these years just to give to me. It was meant to be!

This polish speaks - and sparkles - for itself. The deeper and deeper I dive into the world of nail polish the more I realize that as amazing as the new holos are out there, the older throw-back ones are breathtaking also! I mean just LOOK at this amazing pink holo with all the rainbow. I'm in love.
You can bet I'm going to be keeping my eyes open to snatch up the rest of there beauties! If you see them, get them!
Essie all in one base coat/Seche Vite topcoat

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