Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hungry Asian's Strawberry

Hey ladies!
Did you ever get such exciting nail mail that you take off the polish you just put on that same morning to try the a new one?? That was me today!!! :P
I had heard of Kae's Hungry Asian polishes from other bloggers and found her blog site which sells her amazing polishes. I saw her Ruby Flats polish (swatches will be up soon!) and decided I couldn't live without it! Not only was it sooo reasonably priced, she shipped it at lightning speed, AND out of the kindness of her big heart she included an overfilled Strawberry polish as a freebie! Even BIGGER is her heart since proceeds from her polishes go toward the tsunami relief in Japan. You go, girl! I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and decided that my nails just NEEDED to wear this lovely in Virginia Beach! :)
Strawberry is a wonderful red! I'm very, very picky with my reds. This one is just STUNNING! And as for the formula? Better than any I've used in a little while. Seriously - no pooling, no clumps, not runny. Kae clearly knows perfection and wants us to have it! It was near perfect opaque after just ONE coat, two made it a dream! She added a slight amount of black glitter to, well, give it the name Strawberry! It's a little hard to see, though. :D So cute!

                              Overall, I will be pretty much stalking to see what other beauties Kae has for me to fall in love with! <3 I'm one satisfied customer!

Essie all in one basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat

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