Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Kleancolor - Pink Lady

Happy Wednesday, it's my first pink one!
I've never been a pink polish girl. I've ALWAYS gravitated toward funky colors/darks/jellies/neutrals, but recently I decided it was time to try to be a pink polish lover! So, since I'd never tried Kleancolors, I got three pinks from them! :P I have for you Pink Lady!

Hey if you're gonna go pink, go all out! :D
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink Lady! I did it on both my fingers and toes, and I must say it might be my go-to pedicure color from now on. This is a yummy, VERY opaque pink (one coat would have been enough, but I am just in the habit of applying two) with a white shimmer that just glows! Now I've heard the the Kleancolor holos can be really really stinky, but the fumes for this baby wasn't that bad at all.
Here's Pink Lady in shadier lighting -->
Kleancolor polishes can be purchased at or they retail for $1.75-$3.49/bottle

Essie all in one base coat/ Seche Vite topcoat


  1. I'm not a fan of pink either, but I think I might need this one. You might also like Kleancolor Wild Rose. It's like a darker version of Pink Lady with the shimmer and all.

  2. I love pink nail polish!I love anything pink!!I love this color look lovely on you!!