Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Zoya Polishes!

Well hey ladies!

Excuse me while I do a happy dance! *proceeds to do a jig* I am so excited to share with you my new additions - VINTAGE ZOYAS! First the story, then the amazing little beauties!

As I have mentioned before, the fiance and I are moving from Cleveland to Virginia Beach in September. We have been keeping our eyes open for things we need at garage sales. We saw a dog cage that we needed and pulled in. As I'm browsing, my eyes falling upon a counter covered in knick-knacks, and to me amazement, amongst them these Zoya polishes! I couldn't believe it! *Que epic music in the back ground* There were a few more than the five I got, but usage & age had rendered them useless. Couldn't even open them. These were perfect. Just waiting for me. And only a buck for all five! Now to be amazed..... :P PS - Only two had stickers with the names on them, the rest are unnamed. *

*The wonderful Zoya Nail Polish Fairies (as they call themselves) did some digging and were awsome enough to find out the rest the names for me!!! All have been named accordingly!:) Thank you soooo much, Zoya! <3

                                               Matta Harri

So, I know you're supposed to save the best for last. I just couldn't do it! I mean just look at this polish, LOOK AT IT! Other than fellow bloggers who have come across vintage Zoyas, I haven's heard/seen very much information on the vintage botttles. The lady who sold them to me said they were from when she owned a beauty salon in the 90's so I'm going to guess they're about that old.

Matta Harri is an AMAZING chrome! Blackened silver, two coater, great formula after all the years. Some things never go out of style. A good chrome is one of them. I'll be using MH again and again and again.

I'm so torn with with polish! This color is just so awful with my complexion! Very pretty nude creme in the bottle and probable on someone else, but I thought it made me look sickly. Other than that, a little on the runny side, needed three coats for full coverage.


I love this polish! I'm a sucker for a good jelly AND I love anything in the coral/orange family. It was wonderful. Three coats, but I like my jellys usually with three. Wonderful summer color, and I thought it really warmed up my skin tone. Bonus? No topcoat needed. So juicy!

Paloma, Paloma, Paloma. *shakes head* I've got a few bones to pick with you. First, the color. VERY 90's. Frosts were the IT colors back then! Now and days it's harder to make them work. I can let that slide though. What I can't let slide is that this was hands down the wateriest formula I've ever used. This was four coats and still didn't get to the opacity I wanted. Least favorite of the group.


Oh, Unnamed purple chrome, you rock my socks off! Color - amazing, dark chrome purple. Application - two coats. Formula - on point. This and Matta Harri and fabulous chromes. The fact that they are as old as they are and still pack a punch says so much for Zoya's quality.

Final thoughts:
I still can't believe I came across these. WHAT A FIND! I still can't believe after all these years the quality is still there. Not one was dried up/ brush unmanageable/ drying or finish issues. That says SO MUCH about Zoya as a brand. Investment pieces in your stash for sure! Plus the fact that back then the formula was toluene and formaldehyde free rocks! If anyone can help provide and exact info on these polishes, (names, years, etc) Please share! Hope you all got a kick out of these! <3


  1. Wow!! What a totally awesome find!! Love those chromes <3

  2. Awesome finds, lucky lucky you! I feel like I'd be passing the walls of an other dimension if I had those. The plum/purple is so great looking!

    I wonder if writing to Zoya and send them the picture would help. There might be someone in their staff who know about their vintage line right? :)

  3. Paloma is a relly nice colour!! Love your nails ! :)

    Mursal x

  4. Hi! Zoya Nail Polish Fairy here! We went back and asked and here are what we think the names might be.
    The purple chrome is named Melinda.
    The coral polish might be Claudette.
    The nude might be Isabelle.

    Hope this helps!

  5. the purple and black, eat my heart out! vintage = fun. maybe one day you'll fall for that frost, who knows!

  6. I know ladies, I can't believe I came across these babies - and AT A GARAGE SALE!!!
    Thank you again for Zoya for finding names to go with the polishes! :)

    I wish I had 10 bottles of Matta Harri & Melinda for sure!

  7. What an AMAZING find!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO jealous!!


  8. What a great find. How vintage are they?