Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Revlon Carbonite

Hey there! Sorry it's been a bit, it's been NUTS trying to see everyone before we move in a month. :/ It's hitting me finally that I'm moving from Cleveland to Virginia Beach. Oh, well. New adventures with the fiance and dog! Here we go with my beloved Carbonite!

I love it when Revlon does their "Backstage Revealed" Collections. They always produce wonderful colors. (Here's talkin to you Perplex and Black with Envy!) When I first saw Carbonite online I knew I had to start searching. I had a GREAT haul at a CVS/Pharmacy in Medina, Ohio - I found a FULLY stocked Wet N Wild Dream Weavers display and this beauty! One happy girl here! I LOVE THIS POLISH! Let's look! --->
The best way I can think of to describe Carbonite is a blackened dense silver polish bordering on almost a slight gold shimmer. The consistency was great. I think it might be on the tippy-top of my favorite Revlon polishes. I've read reviews online that it's a dupe of Chanel Graphite, but alas, I'm not yet a Chanel polish owner. Soon though I hope! Two coats and I had perfect opacity!
If you ladies see Carbonite, GRAB IT! I hear it's easiest to find at CVS/pharmacy's, but it's been a tricky one to spot.

Revlon polishes can be purchased at mass drugstore/retailers for around $4.99 - $5.49/bottle.

Seche Clear base coat/Seche Vite topcoat

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