Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Gems - Ruby Kisses Disco Gold & Maybelline Salon Finish Maybe Navy

Hey polish lovers!

I have so many photos floating around in my computer, it's time to share these lovlies already! The first I have to share is actually the manicure I wore for St. Patty's Day. I started off with Revlon Street Wear's Toad (one of my go-to greens. In LOVE with this color!) and added two coats of Ruby Kisses Disco Gold. Disco Gold is funny to me because it's really not a gold polish at all. It's a light green sheer based polish with holo glitter. My guess is since this is a vintage polish, once upon a day it was gold and age turned it into the pretty green shade we see before us today! I won't complain! :P

I <3 you, Ruby Kisses.

Next up I have the base color I chose for yesterdays Ringer post, Maybelline Salon Finish Maybe Navy. Maybe Navy is a smooth navy creme polish that dried to a really incredible shine. This is two smooth coats. I really loved the application for this polish.

Have a great start to your week! <3 Dana


  1. Love the St. Patty's mani. So sparkly ;0). And that Maybelline is stunning!! I love how shiny and creamy it looks!!!

  2. Thanks love! Nothing beats a nice, good creme!

  3. Gorgeous vintage polishes you've got going on here!!! I love Toad with that Ruby Kisses polish, so green and sparkly! And the Maybelline is amazing! Such a great creme shade!