Monday, April 9, 2012

Old and New - Revlon CitrusZing & Nicole by OPI Shoot For The Maroon

AGAIN, Monday?! This sneaking up on me thing - you need to give it a rest! :P I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend. Jeff and I don't have any family here in Virginia Beach, so we lounged around in our PJ's all day - eating sweets and watching Invader Zim and DragonBall Z. Onto the polish! I also got a lot of swatching done over the weekend, so I have great posts coming this week as well. First up for today I have Revlon's CitrusZing. I have been lemming like crazy over all the Zings (esp. the Euro ColorZings - although I don't think I'll ever see them in person in this lifetime. Sigh.) Meanwhile I had been searching down the rest of the Zings with little luck. That is until my amazing and big-hearted fellow blogger friend Esther blew my socks off and surprised me with not one but three Zings in our last swap! I actually screamed a little. No joke. Esther - LOVE YOU LOTS! <3 Seriously, *Big bear hug*. 

CitrusZing is a dusty golden rose semi-duochrome polish. It shows up on the nail but it's hard to capture in pictures. Who cares?! It's a Zing and I love it. The color is soft and pretty on my skin tone. BONUS. This is two coats.

You can see the colors much better in the bottle :P
Next up I have Nicole by OPI's Shoot For The Maroon. I don't have many polishes by this brand. I only started buying them when my work (CVS) recently started carrying them and I get a discount LOL. This is one of the new shades for 2012. I gravitated straight towards it's duochrome shimmer shifting from a golden to maroon, the gold was a little tricky to capture on the nail. It's amazing and gorgeous! This is two flawless coats.

Awesome, right?
Have a great week! -D


  1. Both are lovely & look great on you, that NOPI is intense!

  2. These are both pretty polishes. Esther is so awesome!! So sweet of her to surprise you. I'm loving Shoot for the Maroon on you A LOT!!!

  3. Isn't she seriously the best?!?! <3 her to pieces! Thanks doll it's an amazing color!

  4. Those are both gorgeous!! Yay for Zings! Can't wait to see your swatches of the others =)

    1. Thanks, love! I can't wait to get my hands on more!!!!