Friday, April 13, 2012

Layering Fun - Wet N Wild Be Jeweled The Crown Is Mine over Naturistics Aura Pearl


I hope everyone's week didn't suck. Weeks tend to fly by for me, but this week seemed to drag more than usual..... so mine only sucked a little. LOL :D Anyhoo, it's Friday and I'm actually going out to a bar on the Oceanfront tonight with a coworkers. First time I've gone out (other than dinner and a few drinks/movie with Jeff) since I moved here - I'm excited! What to wear, what to wear..... 

ONTO THE POLISH! I recently spotted the one and only display of the China Glaze Prismatics dupes - Wet N Wild Coloricons Be Jeweled collection! Sad thing(s) - it was less than half full and I haven't seen one since. I'm on the hunt for more! The first I have to share is The Crown Is Mine. The main glitter that makes up this polish shifts from a light purple/pink (in most lighting) to light blue with scattered rainbow glitter. I cannot tell you how awesome these polishes are and how happy I am that I found them, even if not all! LOVE! Dried to a rough finish, this is two two coats of Seche Vite. This is two coats over Aura Pearl.

Well done, Wet N Wild.
Next up I have Naturistics Aura Pearl. MAN I get weak in the knees for red-based purples with blue-toned shimmer. I can never have enough. Aura Pearl is just fantastic the way it glows from within. Pictures really do not do this polish justice. Ya gotta see it to believe it for real! This is two coats I believe. *note to self = you need a backup! 

Gets me every time.
Have an awesome Friday! -Dana


  1. Amazing!!! I love the depth of the Wet n Wild that Aura Pearl brings out. So gorgeous!!! Aura Pearl is so pretty, I need to pick one up ASAP!!!

    1. Thanks my love! You do really need Aura Pearl!!!