Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old and New - Maybelline Ultra Lasting Racing Green & Essence Fairytale's Tinka's Dress

Happy Hump Day!

Today I have yet another Old and New post to share and I'm starting out with a great one indeed! I normally try keep my spending low on eBay for Maybelline's, but I couldn't resist when I saw Racing Green from a UK seller. I am almost embarrassed how cheap I got the polish and how much more shipping was. *blushes* Moving right along... IT WAS WORTH IT! We all know my green polish obsession knows no bounds, and I melted when I swatched this beauty. Deep, shimmery, rich army green and almost a one coater! I went with two of course, and topcoat. LOVE!!!!!!

Next up I have a polish from Essence's Fairytale collection, Tinka's Dress. As an adult I still have a big love for all things Fairytale. (Shrek and Disney own my heart.) Tinka's Dress is a shimmery pinky/peach polish that I really enjoy with my skin-tone! This is three thin coats.

Have a great day!