Monday, September 24, 2012

Revlon StreetWear - FX Flash (green version)

Monday's suck. That's just the truth, plain and simple.

So let's spice it up with a jaw-dropping glitter! Today I have one of the most sought after Revlon StreetWear glitters, FX Flash - the green version (there's also a blue). This heck of a glitter is a decant gifted to me by Jacqui. Thanks again, love! Gah, I love it so much! (I'm wearing it right now actually! :p) One day I need to not only nab the full-sized version, but I need the blue as well. FX Flash is a clear-based polish that starts off with teeny, tiny black micro glitter. (It's hard to see since I layered it over black, you can see it much better in the bottle shot at the end of the post.) The bell of the ball in this polish is the mind-blowing green glitter that flashes to gold. I love glitter, I love green, and I love duochrome. Color me happy! Two coats over two coats of Wet W Wild black creme.

Yep, that's right. Freakin' fantastic!
Ok, who's drooling now?! :P


  1. Awwwwww snap girl, this is gorgeous!!! FX Flash is a true gem among gems, they just don't make them like this anymore!

  2. The streetwear clothing really does inspire a lot of people to create something out of it. This color could match any streetwear clothing that I have.

    1. Most interesting comment left on the blog yet. :P

  3. That is an awesome polish! I don't have any Street Wear polishes but I love seeing older polishes!

  4. Oh wow! I totally love this color! <3

  5. Ah! I love this. Green is the best! And I agree...Mondays are the WORST!