Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'M BAAAAAACK - and with a BANG! - Pretty Serious Cosmetic's Dream Delight

Long time no see!

I can't believe I've been gone this long! We are about half way settled into our new place, but I just couldn't take letting my creative side lie dormant anymore. The place's looking great so it's back to bloggin' I go! I've missed you all so much! Feels great to be back. <3

I recently got my order from Pretty Serious Cosmetics new In The Night Collection. (AKA Kaz's brainchild, I never played the video game but I'm still in love!) I knew I'd love the ones I ordered but I was even more blown away when I saw them in person! (I can't wait to purchase the rest. New place is eating up all my money! *pouts*) Ah well. Next paycheck :P. ONTO THE POLISH AT HAND!

Dream Delight. You glittery little devil, you. Wow.Za. Believe me when I tell you that pictures do not do this polish justice. At the foundation is a smokey grey shear base LOOOOOOOOOADED with charcoal grey and sparse holo glitter. (Various sizes mixed in there might I add.) The formula was smooth beyond my wildest dreams and opaque after just two coats. Yet another pleasant surprise? It wasn't a crazy thirsty glitter either! This is one coat of Gelous & Seche Vite, it's as smooth as can be. Bravo, Kaz!

Glittery goodness. HECK YEA!


  1. Yay you're back! I missed you! And with a beauty. This is so nice! Your nails held up ok in the move they still look amazing! Xo

  2. Yaaaay welcome back!!! This looks gorgeous on you, I have no idea why I didn't add it my order! I'll have to get it next time around!

  3. Welcome back! This is such a gorgeous polish! Even more beautiful when I click to enlarge the photos! :D