Saturday, February 21, 2015

Revlon Parfumerie: Ginger Melon


I hope you're all having a great weekend so far! Another drugstore polish range that I'm OBSESSED with is from Revlon, and it's Ginger Melon from their Parfumerie line. Just like the Rimmel Salon Pro polishes, I love everything about them and I have already raved enough in the past. I think I have over at least ten in my stash so far. Anyway, I love this color! I'm getting really excited for spring, and this polish just makes me more excited! I'm not big on pastel colors, but I do love me a great coral polish for the warmer months! Shown is two coats. 

See you later!
<3 Dana


  1. This is definitely a great "GET HERE SOON SPRING" color!

  2. Totally love this shade on you! I bet it'd look horrible on me though. With my pale pink toned skin I simply cannot pull off peachy orange shades :(

    1. Thanks love! I know, I have those colors that are funky on me too!