Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nails Inc: Disco Lane

Hello there and happy hump day!

I hope you're all having a great week. I was off all day. Saw my personal trainer, did some laundry, and did a few swatches. I've been on the healthy bandwagon again, and I've been trying to be the strongest version of myself I can be! It's such hard work I tell you! Being a lazy couch potato just wasn't cutting it anymore!

Anyhoo, today I have a Nails Inc polish to share, Disco Lane. I love Nails Inc polishes. They have such a great variety and they always seem to have new polishes to offer. If you're around a TJMaxx, they have them for $2.99 a pop! They didn't have any that I already don't own, but if you're in the market I would run up there! Disco Lane is a black holo polish, and I LOVE these kinds of polish! From afar they just look like a plain black creme, but when you get close or the light shines on my nails, it's extra special! These is two coats.

Enjoy your Wednesday!
<3 Dana