Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Layering Fun - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Sonar & Avon Nailwear Pro Olive Green


As I had promised, here's yet another Sally Hansen Hard As Nails holo glitter to share - Sonar! OMG I LOVE this one! Sonar is a deepened turquoise based polished with various-sized holo glitter swimming within. What I really love about this collection of glitters is their ability to transform the colors they're layered over. They're sheer yet build-able beyond expectation! This is two layering over Avon Olive Green, up next. 

Under the glittering wonder I have an Avon Nailwear Pro polish, Olive Green. This polish a well known dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit. Perfect creme formula - this is ONE stinkin' coat. Great army olive green indeed - my new go-to!

Have a great day ladies!


  1. That's some nice layering, I love the all colors!

  2. Oooh yeah buddy, Sonar is probably my favorite of all the glitters!!! Looks fab, as always!

  3. Omg! I've never seen that glitter before! I'll have to look out for it next time I go shopping!

    1. Good luck, girl! They're long discontinued but I found all of mine on eBay ;)

  4. Stunning glitter! Why can't stuff like that come back in stores?! It's gorgeous.

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  6. Love this, and I'm not even a big green fan! Looks so squishy and beautiful on you!