Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maybelline Express Finish Glitter - Bolt Of Blue

Good morning!

It feels great to be back (LOL I was gone a whole three days! :P) I missed blogging for sure! Today I have a great Maybelline Express Finish Glitter to share, Bolt Of Blue. I knew there was a blue in this collection, but I didn't know I would find it for four bucks with shipping on eBay! I LOVE it! The iridescent base shifts from light blue to a heavy purple shimmer, give it a very magical feel! Swimming within is a mixture of light blue and silver micro-fine glitter. Ugh I want to wear it again just looking at these pics! Two coats.

Have a great day! :)


  1. Hey I have this one! I'm dying to wear it. Saving it for after I wear Pile It On Purple though!

  2. I love this one!!! You have reminded me that I have this in my stash, I need to bust it out soon. I need all of these Maybelline Glitters one day. NEED.

  3. Wow, love this polish! It's gorgeous!