Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage Wet N Wild glitters!

Why hello again!

I'm going to make this post quick just because I'm running a little behind. If you know me you know my love for glitter! Make it vintage and Wet N Wild (one of my favorite cosmetics brands all-around!) and I'm a sucker! Today I have two to share that I paired with Tuesday's Essence Snow White polishes, Happy and Grumpy. 

First up I have an old Fantasy Makers glitter, Green Glam. I scored this at my usual thrift store. I LOVE unique Fantasy Makers polishes, and I love green glitter! Age made this polish watery and hard to control the glitter, which was a little disappointing. It adds a subtle sparkle to Happy, even though this is THREE coats.

Next up I have E=MC2, my definite favorite of today's two glitters! This lime green glitter comes from their long discontinued Nail Zone line. I scored a hand-full of these at a local dollar store a while back. It was pretty impressively dense, the micro-fine glitter added almost a shimmering sheen to it. I LOVE it layered over grumpy! :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow this is so cool! I love seeing vintage polishes!

  2. I think you sent me a bottle of the 2nd one in this post and I never knew what the heck it was called, lmao. Now I do and now I know I NEED to try it layered. ^_^

    1. The names are tricky to locate on the Nail Zone bottles. It's seriously amazing! Can't wait to see your combo!

  3. Rawrr I thought I had commented on this post!! Anyhoo, I am digging these glitters!! I have a regular Wet n Wild polish called Totally Rad that looks a lot like that Nail Zone one. Lime green gliters FTW!