Saturday, December 13, 2014

Vintage Polish Weekend! Orly: Cool Cucumber

Happy weekend everyone!

Us ladies on Instagram are showing off our vintage bottle shots and swatches this weekend (check me out on Instagram HERE) so I thought I would add to the fun by posting a great vintage polish on my blog!

Today I have Orly Cool Cucumber, a polish I got a few years back in a polish Secret Santa. I love and cherish this bad boy as it's one of the rarest Orly's in my opinion at least. I've yet to see Cool Cucumber pop up on Ebay and I *think* I've only seen it once on Store Envy for an arm and a leg. ONTO THE POLISH, SHALL WE?! I love everything about this. The vibrant, yet muted grassy green is so unique with it's golden shimmer that almost shifts to an orange/red color at times. It almost reminds me of the color of a snake or a lizard of some sort. I have nothing else like this in my stash! It's so beautiful. The formula was a little on the runny side as with most vintage polishes, shown is three thin coats. 

Have a great Saturday!
<3 Dana