Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Urban Decay: Zodiac

Oh hey there!

I know I've been the world's most inconsistent nail blogger out there for a while now, and I'm not sure if anyone even reads this thing anymore, but hey! I missed swatching and blogging so this is for me if anything. Life gets crazy and busy but sometimes you just need a reminder of your passions to help you reconnect with yourself. For the first time in well, over a year AT LEAST I spent the day swatching! (And watching Revenge on Netflix, of course.) It felt nice. Frustrating and nice. I cannot for the life of my get my lighting situation back to the way I had it. Anyhoo, onto tonight's polish!

Tonight I have a newer Urban Decay polish to share from their Holiday 2013 collection, Zodiac. This polish is seriously STUNNING, people! STUNNING! Green polish is and always has been my favorite, so a sparkly green number is right up my alley! Zodiac is a hunter green foil shimmer polish with a gold/blue duochrome effect to it. It has such a complex, layered look to it that makes it a great holiday color. Formula was pretty great, nice and smooth. This is two coats.

Everyone have a great week, I have lots of polish to share coming up!
<3 Dana


  1. So gorgeous! I bought this off Hautelook and of course it's sitting in Mount Polish, waiting to be swatched!!

    1. I can't even think about how much polish I have to still swatch!