Friday, December 12, 2014

Cult Nails: You're My Dandy Lion

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I have a quick NOTD to share today, and it's from Cult Nails. Over the summer I ordered I think eight polishes from Maria when she had a crazy good sale. And of course, they sat in my Helmer. For months. And months. I decided I wanted to give one some face time, and I chose You're My Dandy Lion. Sometimes we all just need a bright color to add sunshine in the colder months.

 What I really enjoy about this color that that it's a creamy, pastel yellow almost leaning toward neon undertones. I normally don't gravitate towards yellows, but I really enjoyed this one with my skin tone. I love this polish! The formula was very pleasant, nice and even actually! This is two coats. 

Enjoy your Friday!
<3 Dana

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