Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hungry Asian: Peachy Keen

Good Morning!

I'm normally not a huge indie polish fan. I never jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else with Lynn's or EP's or any of that. We all know I love my vintage polish so much more. BUT, every once in a while I see an indie polish that I just get all mushy over. I love Kae's polishes over at The Hungry Asian. I have bottles of hers that are almost four years old before indies were all the rage! Her polishes are amazing quality and I really appreciate her creative genius.  Not to mention how cute her labels are! (I mean just look at that adorable, happy peach!)

Today I have Peachy Keen to share. Normally these shades can be hit or miss for me with my skin tone, but I really loved this one! It's almost a neon pastel peach? It's gorgeous. Add pastel multi colored glitter to the mix and I think this is a great polish for the spring/Easter months. This is I believe three thin coats shown here. 

See you soon!
<3 Dana

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