Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HALLOWEEN MONTH! Revlon - Haunted Heart

Hey polish lovers!

Today I have the second polish I chose from Revlon's new Halloween collection, Haunted Heart. This was also CP'd by the ever so darling Krista of Starlet's Nails. I know I mentioned you're the best but I just want to say it again, girl! <3 

Haunted Heart is a PERFECT and FANTASTIC Halloween orange! That golden yellow shimmer?!?! YES, PLEASE! I'm wearing this as a full mani right now and I'm telling you, it's so festive for right before Halloween! The formula was on the thick side, yet smooth. Almost a one-coater but this is two. I really am drooling over this killer shimmer, people! 

Anyone else fall for this polish? I know I did!