Sunday, October 14, 2012

HALLOWEEN MONTH! Retro Sunday Squared With The Scholarly Nail - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

Hello again, loves!

It's already Sunday, dude! This week FLEW by! And we all know what Sunday means - it's time from Retro Sunday Squared with Jaqcui and Dana! Today I know we are both excited for our posts today since we're doing vintage Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Halloween polishes! We both LLOOVVEE them so today is a real treat for us both! We both have a good collection going, and we both defiantly have ones were are still hunting for! (Trick Or Treat, Vampira.....come to me my pretties!) These collections I think came out around the late 90's.

First up I have Witches' Brew to share. I have to admit, I knew I would love this polish, but I didn't know I would LOVE this polish! Some of these old Sally's pack a special treat - they have sparse and unexpected colored glitter in there! There's green, blue, and yellow floating around this there! (Check out the bottle shot at the end, you'll know what I'm talking about!) This is two coats over Milani's Charmed. I really love the brightness of the orange glitter in this one.

See what I mean with the colored glitter? ;p
Next up I have Wicked. Oh, Wicked, Wicked, Wicked. I had such high hopes for you. Don't get me wrong, I love you very much! You just made me the most excited of all my Halloween Sally's so the sparseness of your glitter threw me off. Maybe next time I'll try you over a green or purple? Wicked is a very, very sheer orange polish with great black and orange round glitter. This only problem? This is THREE coats. THREE. Like I said before, still love but just expected more. This is layered over Ulta3's Burnt Orange. 

I just had to throw in how awesome this brush handle was! Bring em back, Sally!
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  1. Awesome swatches! Thanks for sharing! I love the vintage SHs!

  2. Love retro Sundays! You guys have the best Sally Hansen collection! Witches Brew looks awesome!

  3. So awesome!!! That is so funny that your Witches Brew has some blue and green glitters in there! Sadly mine does not. I love getting those little surprises from old SH's! Love Wicked, even if the glitter was super sparse. Great swatches love!

    1. It's so weird how they vary! Different batches?!

  4. I love the handles also, and bummer about the sparseness of Wicked. Still, your swatches are great!

  5. Fabulous - I wish they would bring these back again, too!

  6. They are AWESOME! I am soooo into Halloween polishes right now and I've never been into Halloween! (We don't really celebrate it here)