Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rimmel - Mania

OHHHH RIMMEL MANIA. How on earth is it possible for a polish to be so amazingly gorgeous?! I mean COME ON! I almost think you're a figment of my imagination I thought up to appeal to all of my polish loving senses. Are you blue? Are you green? Is your shimmer gold? Is it green? Every time I took into the depth of this amazing bad boy, I see you differently. And every time I think I love you a litter more. No joke, one of my favorite polishes OF. ALL. TIME. EVER! Sorry for the babble, but I almost have to words for how in love I am. I *think* this is two coats. Pretty sure. *sighs* I love you, Mania. You chameleon, you. 

This shimmer is amazing beyond words. In fact I have no words.
Are you drooling over your keyboard yet? :P