Thursday, August 9, 2012

Revlon Liquid Crystals LE - Crystal Chic

Hello there!

Have I ever mentioned enough (Like a million times?! LOL!) how much I LOVE Revlon and how their vintage polish is among my absolute favorites?! Prepare for me to gush even more today, I have a jaw-dropping layering wonder to share from the drug store mecca! I'd like you to meet Crystal Chic from their LE Liquid Crystal collection. (early 2000's?)  I hit the jackpot yet again at my favorite thrift store! OMG where do I start?! Is it opal? Is it gold? Is is silver? AGH it's ALL OF THEM! It's such a chameleon to the eye and changes with every shift of a finger. This is ONE. COAT. (yep. one. What up, Revlon?!) Over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In A Flurry. Revlon, make more like these again, k? Thanks.

Start hunting on eBay, ladies!


  1. Very pretty! They need to bring this back!

  2. That is gorgeous!!!! I agree with you, Revlon needs to re-release that, like now!

  3. This is really pretty! I would totally snag this one if it were put into a re-release!

  4. I would love, love love if you would add the blogger widget that lets folks subscribe to your blog via's a super easy widget to add on. I only rarely stumble into your blog when I happen to have time and it's showing up on another bloggers side bar role. I so don't read my dashboard (no time) - ditto the other options to follow - but I do always get to my email. I should have known you way before you were born - I have tossed out sooooo many bottles of Revlon through the yrs. When I first started to wear and collect polishes, the only ones I had access to were Revlon and Maybelline (and maybe back then I am thinking Bonnie Bell and/or cover Girl had polishes back then).

    1. I didn't realize I didn't have that until now thanks for poiting that out! :)))) It's up now!

  5. So cool!! I love how you can rock the layering polishes, whenever I try to layer stuff you can see the base coat peeking out on the edges and it looks terrible lol! Anyways, I love a good vintage Revlon and this one is fab!