Friday, August 17, 2012

Chi Chi - Moondust


Chi Chi has become one of my new favorite polish brands. I LOVE each and every one I have thus far, and Moondust here is top-notch! This bad @$$ glitter was sent to me by the awesome Kaz. (Thanks again!!!) According to this post, I have the newer more purple-based version. I would love to get my hands on the original as well, but that looks like it'll be quite a feat!

Moondust starts off as a purple jelly base. MAN it took patience and lots of thinner to get this is play nice! Even then I had a hard time with the large brush and goopy formula. Definitely one of those polish I'll get better the next time around. ANYHOO, This is a VERY unique polish to my stash! The night sky-like glitter isn't just fine glitter, it's little itty-baby bar glitter! (You'll have to check out the bottle shot at the bottom & enlarge. Then drool. :p) The effect it tends is so sparkly! This is two coats. 


Pretty great glitter, huh?


  1. So beautiful on you! I have the blue version & have had this version too - in the bottle they look really different but honestly, on the nail I could hardly tell the difference

    1. Thank you! That's pretty interesting that they're that similar! I can't waaaaaait to get my hands on the blue someday!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!!! *neeeeed* <3

  3. This is so gorgeous!! It looks really amazing.

  4. Oh wow this is gorgeous! The glitters look amazing, especially the tiny bar glitters!

  5. Beautimous!!! Kaz sent this bad boy to me too, I need to do a proper swatch soon! Actually, what I really should do is swatch all my SSN-esque polishes and do a comparison. Anyways, looks lovely on you!