Saturday, June 21, 2014

TRUE BLOOD WEEKEND! Deborah Lippmann Clean Nude & Maybelline Gilded Rose

Happy weekend, everyone! HAPPY TRUE BLOOD WEEKEND THAT IS!

I'm a hard core True Blood fan. My heart is breaking that this is the last season. When the last episode airs, don't talk to me. I'll be balling my eyes out in a corner somewhere. I love the book series as well, if you haven't read those as well as watching the show, YOU MUST!

So, of course I wanted to use a polish from my Deborah Lippmann Forsaken trio. You know how sometimes you just really want a nude, delicate mani? Well I do. Most times all I want is green or blue or glitter, but today I really wanted something simple. Clean Nude is a really nice nuce polish with my skin tone, and I love that it's nice and sheer, it gives it that jelly feel. This is two coats.

Of course I had to add glitter. I'm too weak. Maybelline Gilded Rose is by far the BEST polish I've been Maybelline come out with lately! I LOVE rose gold, and this polish is so stunning! This is one coat on my accent finger. I love how this turned out!

<3 Dana

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