Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick NOTD - Zoya: Zuza

Happy Monday!

Oh, Zoya. I really don't give you enough credit. I have quite a lot of your polish, yet I never really fall head of heels for your collections. They all seem the same for the most part, and I really only buy from you when you have your awesome sales. I want to love you more, I really do. 

Polishes like Zuza help me to build the affection. I honestly forgot about this one too (I do that a lot. Happens when you have as much polish as us polish addicts do!) and when I came across it, it just HAD to get on my nails! A light, almost pastel teal polish with silver/white shimmer just scream spring/summer to me! Zoya either goes one of two ways with me: either they wear like iron or they chip within five minutes. This one chipped in ten. It's still a beautiful polish none the less. This is two coats.

Enjoy the beginning of your week!

1 comment:

  1. Man, between you and Scrangie I am thinking I really need this.