Saturday, May 31, 2014

Updated Wishlist!

Hello again! 

It's been FOREVER since I've made a wishlist. I ended up deleting the old once since I hadn't updated it in about ummmm two years? Anyhoo, here's the new one. I love hunting for these gems and it gives me the biggest excitement ever to finally find them! Here we go! LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

Sally Hansen: Bright Metal                                   Rimmel: Star Trek 
Photo credit: Polished, Plants, & More                Photo credit: Babyness

Naturistics Crystal Blue Pearl
Sally Hansen: Pumpkin (right)        Naturistics: Crystal Blue Pearl 
Photo credit: Kaz                            Photo credit: Kaz

OPI: Rainforest Photo credit:KellieGonzo OPI: Creme De Menthe Photo credit: Jacqui

Nails Inc: Jubilee                                  Essie: Starry Starry Night
Photo credit: A Polish Addict              Photo credit: Make Up Talk

ANY Liquid Euphoria polishes
Photo credit: Dr. Frankenpolish

OPI: La Boheme Photo credit: 
Blue Collar,Red nail polish         

Revlon Street Wear: Kwanza                   Revlon Street Wear: Rudolph
Photo credit: Jacqui                              Photo credit: Jacqui

Revlon Street Wear: Costume Party   Revlon Street Wear: Hippy Dippy
Photo credit: Babyness                       Photo credit: eBay

OPI: Real Teal Photo credit: Kaz               ANY 1st generation Urban Decay's
                                                                           Photo credit: Jacqui

  It's Witchcraft Frost
Chanel: holographic                        Sally Hansen: It's Witchcraft Frost
Photo credit: purple yellow            Photo credit: Kaz

Vampira  Sally Hansen Ghoulish GreenSally Hansen Pumpkin Orange
Sally Hansen: Vampira SH: Ghoulish Green     SH: Pumpkin Orange
Photo credit: Kaz            photo credit: Kaz        photo credit: Kaz

Sally Hansen Screamer Red
SH: Screamer Red            Chanel - Ciel de Nuit
photo credit: Kaz             Photo credit: polish misfit

Maybelline Electric Apple  
Maybelline Express Finis: Electric Apple       Rimmel: Sonic
Photo credit: Kaz                                        photo credit: nails n stuff

Of course this is just a start! I'll be adding of course, and hopefully scratching some off the list! 

<3 Dana