Monday, May 19, 2014

How does one make Chelsea Psycho Green more awesome you may ask? ADD GLITTAH!

Hello again!

Two posts in two days?! I'm feeling pretty awesome! Can I keep it up? That is the question, but I'm thinking that's a big fat YES! I looked though my Helmers trying to find a great glitter to layer over Psycho Green and this one just called my name - Pop Rocks Groupie! I really don't know much about this polish line - as in I know nothing. I got this maybe two years ago on eBay, and back then they were pretty easy to come by. There was a red one too that I kick myself for not grabbing, as it is no longer something I can find. 

ANYWAY, Groupie is a perfect match with it's shade of green, and I think it looks awesome! A VERY sheer hunter/kelly green with scatted holo glitter. This polish is three of my favorite things in one when it comes to polish: green, glitter, and vintage. This is two coats shown. 

Have a great Monday and I'll see you soon!
<3 Dana