Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OPI Liquid Sand: It's Frosty Outside

Good morning! 

Today I have a really awesome OPI to share - and no it's not vintage! Sometimes I fall equally in love with new polishes as I do with vintage. This one I got in a swap with a lovely Instagram polish, Alma. I would have never really picked this for myself (although I love liquid sand polishes in general) but I'm in LOVE! It's Frosty Outside is SUCH A BRIGHT in your face silver - and swimming within the bright silver sand polish there's also larger pieces of round silver glitter as well. I really love this one! Dried smooth, fast, and evenly. This is two coats. So awesome. I need more of these for sure! LOVE!

Have a great morning! 
<3 Dana


  1. I love textured polishes in general! I have a few of the Liquid Sands but need to add this one to my collection. If I can remember, I think it was a part of the Mariah Carey Winter Collection for last year? I missed out on every polish for that and I'm bummed!! Gorgeous swatches though, I love a nice silver and when you throw glitter in the formula it's a bonus!!

    1. Thanks love! I think I may need to hunt down more on eBay.....;)

  2. I have this one but I haven't worn it yet. I should because it's beautiful! I'm not a huge fan of creme textures but the Liquid Sands and even Zoya PixieDusts are amazing. I just love how glittery and sparkly they are.

  3. *smacks forehead* definitely forgot to include which collection lol! WHOOPS! Ooooooo I love the Zoya's too- Carter is amazing!