Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: Radar

Happy Hump Day!

I finally got to sit down and get some good swatching and blogging done today! It feels so good sometimes to sit down and relax and have some quality time for yourself! (While watching Netflix, of course. DUH.) At some point I guess I should shower and try to look human again, but we're not quite there yet. 

Today I have one of the many of these Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sally's that I own, Radar. I love these polishes, they're all milky unique/fugly colors with holo glitter. AKA, right up my alley! Radar is definitely one of those fugly kind of colors, it's a maroon/chocolate brown sort of color. I really wasn't sure at first what kind of color I should go with to layer this over, so I ended up using two coats over Urban Decay Brick House. Most of the glitter was stuck on the side of the bottle with time, but I was able to get enough on the nail. I can say I have nothing else like this in my collection!

Enjoy your day!
<3 Dana


  1. Boy I gotta admit I said wow look at that ugly polish...but yet I can't look away....holo glitter makes everything better... :D