Monday, September 17, 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics - Nightopia

Happy Monday! ........hmmmm....

I worked all weekend, so today feels more like a Wednesday or Thursday. To make today a tad more amazing I though I'd show off my current manicure, Pretty Serious Cosmetic's Nightopia from their new collection In The Night. Kaz is the mastermind and one of the sweetest chicks out there. Not to mention her blog and stash are like Area 51 of vintage polish. Pretty much my polish Bible and one big whopping lemming.

Today I have Nightopia to share, a fantastic green teal jelly polish with amazing green & gold shimmer. I now count this as one of my favorite greens. Ever. Formula was freaking amazing. I love the blue that peaks in around the edges, it really adds to the dimension. Two coats, smooth as a baby's bottom. Bravo, Kaz. Bravo.

Have a great Monday! Hang in there! :p


  1. Fantastic looking polish with a great name! Happy Monday ;)

  2. Gorgeous!! This is definitely my favorite from the collection, it looks fab on you!

  3. Your swatches are amazing! I keep trying to not buy this (only because I'm trying to cut back... TRYING! LOL!) but I'm becoming so weak... must... purchase... Nightopia!

  4. These are all so pretty! I love greens on you.

  5. This is really, really beautiful! I need to get my hands on some of her polishes!