Sunday, June 2, 2013


Oh hey there!

Yea, yea, yea. It's been almost three months. I know. Life's gotten into the way. Planning a wedding, getting a new job and promotion, having more of a social life, having other new hobbies/passions (Warhammer 40k, wax blogging) that polish blogging just took a back seat. I stopped buying for a while, I even stopped painting my nails for over a month and a half. The passion's coming back to me though! I've been buying polish like crazy again (poor wallet) and I might even be up to swatching if I ever get the time! For now I have a quick swatch to share that I never uploaded, China Glaze's Running In Circles from their Cirque Du Soleil collection. Who can go wrong with a great green glitter this bright?! I hope this isn't my last post for another three months, I'll be back soon! ;)

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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